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    February 12, 2019
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Let us help you.. Adlams LLP sOLICITO RS LIVING ToGETHER to be supported. It will also provide what should happen in the event that you should open such things as joint bank accounts and what should happen with joint debts and Married couples and civil partners have a right to a fair share of anything they so on each own and the Court can make various orders, such as the sale or transfer of a property or pension sharing orders or for one party to pay the other maintenance. In order for it to be legally binding, it has to be executed in the form of a legal This obviously is not an exhaustive list. contract and both parties must obtain independent legal advice before signing. There is, however, no similar law goveming the rights of cohabitants regardless to confirm their intentions to proceed with the Agreement and it must be signed of the length of the relationship. The only protection available to a couple who and witnessed as a Deed and clearly, it must also not be made under duress or are cohabitating together on the breakdown of a relationship, are those that affect coercion the law of property or if there are children, Schedule 1 of the Children Act This means that on a breakdown, cohabitees may not be ordered to support their former partner financially and nor will one have any rights to the other's assets hat both parties avoid a legal dispute and higher costs, in trying to deal with the including bank accounts, pensions ete this includes property, where the property matter by way of negotiation and to avoid the necessity for litigation through the Having a cohabitation agreement is a practical and cost effective way to ensure Courts. It will provide certainty for both of you as to what will happen should you break the relationship has ended You can however make a Living Together Agreement, this will be a legally nances should be handled and what shouldup and it will allow for flexibility and freedom to organise financial affairs, after happen in the event that the relationship breaks down. It will establish how you will want to deal with your day to day finances, how you will manage and contribute to household bills and whether you should take Such an Agreement can be drawn up., not only between couples living together out mutually beneficial life insurance policies and how you wish the children as man and wife but also between family members and friends living together. Please contact Janice Lowther at Adlams LLP Solicitors 01480 474061 37b Market Square, St Neots PE19 2AR 84 High Street, Huntingdon, PE29 3DP Aar sLLP is a l ited lablity p trest pre ster du no033 674 and is a tried and eg ted by the Socos Reg taon Autoty tw ws orp under no 492416

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