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Wrighton & Barker is Your Memorial Work Company in Bedford, Bedfordshire. Cherish the person by protecting the memory. Ensure that your closest friends and family are immortalized. With great expertise in our craft, we take pride in offering you a memorial that will last. We have offered expert memorial masonry since 1835. Since that time we have provided finely crafted memorials that stand sentinel throughout the years. To keep the memory of your loved one strong, we also offer you a memorial cleaning service. Memorial: At Wrighton & Barker we are able to create a vast range of different memorials. Whether small or large, simple or elaborate, we will help you to choose the ideal way of remembering your loved one. Our experts work closely with you, helping you make sure that the completed memorial perfectly preserves the memory of the departed. Whether you are looking for a commemorative plaque, a lawn memorial or an urn, we will ensure that you receive the perfect memorial.